Over 45 League Rules of the Game

As per FIFA Rules, with the following variations:

1. NO Slide Tackles / NO Going to Ground (see supporting notes below)

·      A Slide Tackle occurs when two or more players are challenging for the ball and any of them select to “slide” for the ball.   ‘Going to Ground’ refers to a player falling/dropping to the ground and low to surprise and get an advantage in reaching for a ball. As such any challenge not made on two feet is to be considered a Slide Tackle.

·      There does not have to be contact between players for a free kick to be awarded

·      A player is considered to be challenging an opponent for the ball if the opponent is within a radius of five metres of the player.

·      These rules apply to a goalkeeper who chooses to play or attempts to challenge for the ball with their feet first. They do NOT apply to a goalkeeper playing or attempting to play the ball with their hands or torso first.

·      Sliding is permitted by a player to save a ball / to score / to block a pass, without an opponent contesting or within a 5 metre radius of another player.

Another example of a going to ground rule that should lead to a free kick etc is when a player has the ball and is trying to sprint away however identifies that a faster player is running alongside him. To lose the chasing player, he slides and goes to ground trapping the ball with his instep, which will most likely lead to the chasing player trying to kick / get the ball out but his momentum will take him past the player who has slid, possibly also ends up falling over while the player who went to ground can now get up, change direction and continue on with the ball.  As mentioned, this should also be a free kick –  going to ground doesn’t only refer to players trying to tackle or get the ball but also refers to players who are in possession of the ball.

Refer to Supporting Powerpoint Presentation for further examples and application of slide rule.

2. Sin Bin Rule  –   a player spends 10 minutes in the “sin bin” (sidelined), with a replacement player permitted to take the field. This will in most cases be treated as a yellow card with any further incidents involving his player leading to a red card and no replacement.