Legal Documents 2022 Season

1. Risk Management Policy
2. League Rules 2022
3. League constitution

1. Risk Management policy

Over 45s Soccer League’s Risk Management Policy
Context of Policy
These risk management practices aim to ensure safe working and sporting environments for all involved in the sport. This Policy demonstrates the 45s Soccer League’s commitment to implementing and reviewing risk management systems, procedures and processes

“Risk management is recognised as an integral part of good management practice. To be most effective, risk management should become part of an organisation’s culture. It should be integrated into the organisation’s philosophy, practices and business plans rather than be viewed or practiced as a separate program. When this is achieved, risk management becomes the business of everyone in the organisation”.   (Australian/New Zealand Risk Management Standard – AS/NZ 4360:1999)

Policy Statement
45s Soccer League’s is committed to providing a safe working and sporting environment which is free from discrimination and harassment.   It is recognised that risk management:

  • is more than preventing physical harm and providing safe working environments;
  • encompasses due diligence processes which are fundamental to duty of care;
  • maximise quality outcomes;
  • needs of the business of managing the sport;

Responsibility for Management of Risks
Everyone within their own club is responsible for their own safety and the safety of others. The
identification of risks, the consequences and the treatments of these is part of the process of implementing risk management systems – and this involves everyone within the league.

Over 45s Soccer League will:

  • ensure the policy is distributed and it is implemented at all levels of the organisation;
  • approve and provide relevant resources for implementation and maintenance
  • implement risk management systems and procedures;

The development of the Risk Management Plan:
1) Establishing the context;
2) Identifying the risks;
3) Analyzing and evaluating the risks;
4) Treating the risks
5) Communicating and consulting with stakeholders about the risks;
6) Monitoring and reviewing risks;
7) Adjusting the plan where appropriate.

The processes are auctioned over the major (functional) areas of the organisation including:

  • Tournaments – planning and delivery
  • Coaching – High Performance and other
  • Teams Traveling to and participating in tournaments
  • Involvement of all key stakeholders in the development of the plan is necessary in order for the plan to be effective.

Action Plan
There are 4 areas of risk involved in our sport

  • Unplayable surface due to holes, inundation or degradation/erosion of the surface
  • Dangerous weather, lightning, severe hail or dense fog
  • Public fracas
  • Wear and tear of sport, eg injuries

To deal with these risks

  • Referees and Captains are to inspect the pitch prior to the match to confirm the surface is suitable to play the match
  • The referee is to abandon or delay postpone play until weather conditions have moderated
  • In the unlikely event violence erupts at a match the game is to be abandoned immediately and both Captains are to immediately escort the referee to his car or other safe location
  • Players are to be encouraged to warm up and warm down before and after the match.  A first aid kit, with chemical ice packs included, is to be supplied at each fixture


2. League Rules July 2022

League Rules Over 45’s:

1. No games will be played on Mothers Day or Queens Birthday weekend

2. A referee panel will be established and paid by the League

3. Linesmen are to be provided by each team. If minimum numbers, common sense is to prevail, ie accept Referees call

4. If the Referee fails to arrive, game to proceed with each Captain arranging someone to ref a half

5. Visiting Teams MUST contact the home team by Thursday night to confirm they will be right for the next match and report if they are short of numbers

6. Teams that are short of players are to be given players by the opposition so even numbers on the pitch can be achieved

7. A team sheet is to be handed to the ref prior to each match with players number, name and date of birth included (under age players are to be highlighted on the sheet)

8. Each team can have two players 42-45 on the team, however, game time for over 45 players is not to be compromised by the inclusion of these under age players. The under age players are to be highlighted on the team sheets. Underage players must wear an arm band on the pitch. A maximum 3 underage on team sheet, but only 2 on pitch at any one time. Both excluding GK.

9. Respect is to be the guiding principle of the league –

9.1. Respect for your team mates in training and on the pitch

9.2. Respect for opposition players before, during and after the game

9.3. Respect for our referees at all times

10. Yellow Card to be used 10 min sin bin if deemed appropriate by referee

11. Sin Bin players can be replaced.

12. No Jewellery except for a flat wedding band

13. Excessive bad language – warning then yellow

14. No maximum number of players allowed on team sheet

15. Unlimited player rotation

16. No tackling from behind – Direct Free Kick. We do not want ankle taps/calf muscle issues as older citizens break more easily.

17. No sliding tackles to preserve our ageing bones. If endangering opponent, Direct Free Kick to be awarded.


18 A. Straight Red = 2 weeks (violent conduct / serious foul play) administered by their club. Notice of this is to sent to the League Admin with an explanation.

18 B. Spitting = 3 weeks.

18 C. Threaten Referee, Vilifying anyone on the Pitch = 4 weeks.

18 D. Throwing a punch, aggravated violence or bringing the League into disrepute, Racially Vilifying anyone on the Pitch – Indefinite Ban.

18 E. A player being Indefinitely Banned has the right to lodge a petition to be reinstated into the competition. The Disciplinary Sub Committee in reviewing a compelling and substantiated submission are to ensure adequate proof is provided that other League members are no longer at risk.
The League members and Referees wellbeing must be paramount in any such decision.

18 F. Two Yellow Cards will attract a 1 week ban. Notice of this is to sent to the League Admin with an explanation.

18 G. Yellow Card to be used for 10 minute sin bin

19. End of season Trophy.

  • Winning Team
  • MVP


3. Over 45 Soccer League Inc Overview

The Over 45 Soccer League Inc is an incorporated association and are registered with Consumer Affairs Victoria and report annually under the Associations Reform Act 2012.  The League has undertaken Income tax status review for self assessing non profit organisations in accordance with the guidelines set out by the Australian Tax Office (ATO).  The League’s governance document includes the defining factors required in the ATO assessment.


Over 45 Soccer League Inc Constitution

The purpose of the Over 45 Soccer League is the encouragement of the sport of Soccer in the senior members of the community with Over 45 and Over 55 competitions arranged over the winter months in the suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.  The club provides an insurance policy for the legal and physical well being of its members, it is incorporated to protect the Office bearers, and it works on a not for profit basis to minimise the cost to participate.  The league is not to be involved in extensive social or commercial activities, nor is it to fund raise (the League is not a charity).

The Over 45 Soccer League actively encourages mature age soccer through a competitive season and round robin competitions

  • Non-profit clause

‘The assets and income of the organisation shall be applied solely in furtherance of its above-mentioned objects and no portion shall be distributed directly or indirectly to the members of the organisation except as bona fide compensation for services rendered or expenses incurred on behalf of the organisation.’

  • Dissolution clause

‘In the event of the organisation being dissolved, the amount that remains after such dissolution and the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities shall be transferred to another organisation with similar purposes which is not carried on for the profit or gain of its individual members.’

  • Compliance

To ensure the non profit clause is audited annually the requirements set out in Victoria’s Associations Reform Act 2012 requires an Annual General Meeting (AGM) be held and the financial report presented to that meeting is to be forwarded to the Department of Justice, Consumer Affairs section.  This will confirm with all stakeholders that the League is compliant with it’s legal and constitutional obligations.

  • Risk Management

To minimise potential risks or hazards to the League members a Risk Management Policy and League Rules are to be established and ratified at the AGM, minutes of this meeting should be kept and in particular a note stating the Policy and Rules have been ratified.

  • Office Bearers

The League as a minimum should have a President, Treasurer and Secretary.  The term of Office should be a maximum of three years, at which time all incumbents must relinquish their position, however if there are no nominations to replace the Office bearers at the AGM then they may continue in their roles.

Insurance Policies