About the League

The Over 45s soccer league, located in Melbourne Victoria, is a non-profit soccer league dedicated to the promotion of soccer to those who might be past their prime, but are definitely not past their use by date. Come out and show yourself that you still have what it takes to play. Over 45s Soccer is looking for players 45 years and older to round out our league (if you are just under our league age by a smidge, still contact us). This is a recreational league with a hard twist of competitiveness.

Registration numbers have increased every season and once gain competition exceeds our expectations with even more teams in the competition this year. We always welcome new teams to join the league.

We also run a competition called the Over 55 Soccer League. What these guys lack in pace they make up for with smarts and enthusiasm, and prove every week that you are never too old to play the beautiful game. Currently there are 8 teams vying for supremacy, and they’re always on the lookout for new blood. So if you’re between 50 and 55 years of age or above, get in touch with a team directly or via the Contacts page.