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2019 Over 45 MVP

Congratulations Steve Keenan on winning the 2019 MVP Award narrowly beating Marco Rinnovasi and Rubin Tripunoski by just one point!

KEENAN SteveSeaford27
RINNOVASI MarcoKnox City26
TRIPUNOSKI RubinMoreland26
CUBBON AlanAshburton Athletic23
CIRUGEDA AndreasSandringham Allied21
VERATTI RayAshburton Athletic21
OLIVER SimonSandringham United17
ZANDER SashaAshburton United16
CHRISTOPOULOS JohnBrighton Albion14
KOUTSAKIS MichaelBrighton Albion13
VLANGOS PetrosMoreland13
BLAZEVIC RonBarnestoneworth12
CAMINOSBrighton United12
FALLON SimonSandringham United12
LUKIC BobanSandringham United12
ATKINSTAL PhilSandringham United11
CACCIOTOLO SteveBeaumaris11
KOVALEV EdBrighton Albion11
PALLESCHI TonyHampton EB11
SPENCE RobBeaumaris11
BATES AdrianMelbourne Uni10
BROOKS MikeAshburton United10
CRISP PaulAshburton Athletic10
BIJELAC MichaelBeaumaris9
GRIEVE JasonG W Masters9
ORMANDY JohnMelbourne Uni9
SECATOREBrighton United9
THOMPSON DaveAshburton Athletic9
BARBEROGLOU GeorgeJuventus Old Boys8
CAVEN MarkBeaumaris8
CROWE BrianG W Masters8
DINTINO Biago BillyJuventus Old Boys8
FROELICHER ChristianSandringham United8
FULKOSKI SashHampton EB8
GROENEVELD NickAshburton United8
HYNES BrettSeaford8
JARVIS DanielG W Masters8
KEARNEY ChrisHampton EB8
MATSAS NickJuventus Old Boys8
MENICHELLI SergeBrighton Albion8
MINA MauroKnox City8
RAU AdrianKnox City8
BASIAS JamesJuventus Old Boys7
BLAZEVIC PhilBarnestoneworth7
LOCKWOOD MarkAshburton Athletic7
OLSEN JesperBrighton Albion7
PARRINGTON MichaelHampton EB7
SYNOTT PeterBrighton Albion7
DUYAL YasharKnox City6
FOLEYBrighton United6
LANDRY AdamHampton EB6
OROLOGAS BillG W Masters6
RIDDLE CamAshburton United6
WHICKMANBrighton United6
BARRERA PLaverton5
BOYLE KenSandringham Allied5
BRYAN SeanBeaumaris5
CAMBURN JohnBarnestoneworth5
CORRIGAN SteveAshburton United5
CROSS DavidJuventus Old Boys5
HIGGINSBrighton United5
JEFFERD KenBrighton Albion5
KERANS EndaSeaford5
LICHTENSTEIN MarcAshburton United5
MOORE TimSandringham Allied5
PAGANO NinoMelbourne Uni5
SMITH PaulBrighton United5
THACKER DaveBarnestoneworth5
TOGIAS MikeBrighton Albion5
TRACEY JimBeaumaris5
WIKMAN AshBeaumaris5
ZOVKO BrunoBarnestoneworth5
DESMOND RyanSandringham United4
GOUNARIS ArisHampton EB4
GUSCIC StevenKnox City4
KONSTANOPOULOS StatiosAshburton United4
LARA OsvaldoLaverton4
McKINLEY GeoffKnox City4
PERDIOS GeorgeHampton EB4
PRICE NickBeaumaris4
RAFEZI ShahranSandringham United4
ROBINSONBrighton Albion4
UPTONBrighton United4
ZIVKOVIC ZoranSandringham Allied4
BROWN AndrewMelbourne Uni3
CARLESSO DanielMoreland3
COLLINS LeighMelbourne Uni3
CUPIDO WayneSandringham United3
DARMAN BuckSeaford3
DENHAM RBarnestoneworth3
EVANS BarnieBrighton Albion3
EVANS MattMelbourne Uni3
FITZPATRICK JimMelbourne Uni3
FODENBrighton United3
GALBALLY SpencerJuventus Old Boys3
HEAVEN MarkBrighton Albion3
IERARDI MarioSandringham United3
KALAYCI GokhanAshburton Athletic3
KOKKINOS MichaelG W Masters3
LANCASTER AndySeaford3
MEDAN DanieleMoreland3
NOONAN DannySeaford3
PAPPASAVVAS GeorgeKnox City3
PARKER MickBrighton Albion3
RENSHAW DaveAshburton Athletic3
SHARMAN NeilG W Masters3
STRUGNALL KeldinBeaumaris3
TAYLOR SteveBarnestoneworth3
TSAKNISBrighton United3
TSINTSIRAS GeorgeMoreland3
WILLIAMS HarleySandringham Allied3
ZHU JasonG W Masters3
AIDAS FrankJuventus Old Boys2
ALVAREZ RobertoLaverton2
BARTLEY RichardBrighton Albion2
CARINCI RoccoMelbourne Uni2
CHAPARRO OscarLaverton2
CONDELLO BrynoHampton EB2
DEN BOON JochemBeaumaris2
DORRINGTON GideonAshburton Athletic2
DREW RickyBeaumaris2
DUNHILL AndyG W Masters2
GASPIRINI JohnJuventus Old Boys2
IRWIN WillAshburton United2
KIM KangicG W Masters2
KORKARIC KikretSeaford2
KYPRIOTIS MickBrighton United2
KYRIACOU AngeloMoreland2
MAGLIOLO DominicoMoreland2
MAHIR SamirSandringham United2
PURSER JasonBarnestoneworth2
RAMM SalieshBarnestoneworth2
RODRIGUES JorgeMoreland2
SEVIN SonnyMoreland2
SMURTHWAITE TimMelbourne Uni2
TATE ChrisBrighton Albion2
TAYLOR DaveSandringham Allied2
VOJNOV ZivanAshburton United2
WANG EdmondG W Masters2
WHITING BruceSandringham United2
ADRIOTTI FrankJuventus Old Boys1
ASKEW PhilAshburton United1
BARRAZA FranciscoLaverton1
BRIASKO WillBrighton Albion1
CABRERA MarcusLaverton1
CHILCOTT NickHampton EB1
CLEMSON AndrewAshburton Athletic1
CONNOR MarkBarnestoneworth1
CROPMANBrighton Albion1
CZAJKO ChrisJuventus Old Boys1
DAVISON RussellSandringham United1
ELLIOT MattAshburton Athletic1
GAMALDI NickSandringham United1
GOILIKIDIS ArthurJuventus Old Boys1
GUZMAN OrlandoSandringham Allied1
IANNUCCI VincenzoMoreland1
INDOVINO SamKnox City1
KENDALL ChrisJuventus Old Boys1
KOTZ JohnAshburton United1
LAPLAZA VinnieLaverton1
MANDRIDIS ChrisJuventus Old Boys1
MARKIE JamesBarnestoneworth1
McDOUGALL AndrewSeaford1
MEINSMA JanBarnestoneworth1
MONAHAN AlanBarnestoneworth1
MOSSMAN SimaonSandringham Allied1
O'MAHONEY PBarnestoneworth1
PEARSON ChrisSandringham United1
RANCA LavinusLaverton1
RATILAL RupishKnox City1
SCOTT MichaelBeaumaris1
SHARHAMSandringham Allied1
SMITH GrahamKnox City1
SOMPEL JacekMoreland1
SOZZI DaveJuventus Old Boys1
STOJANOSKY ZarcoMoreland1
VALENCIA RickyAshburton United1
VIRAN GLaverton1
VISCIONE MicheleMoreland1
YLINEN JussiSandringham United1
Each week the Over 45 Soccer League referees will award points to the best 3 players on the field.

Best on field – 3 Points | 2nd best – 2 points | 3rd best – 1 point.

As the 2019 season progresses, the table will be updated weekly.