Doncaster Legends

Doncaster City & Doncaster United – two legendary teams for 2018.

The Legends Over 55’s, with teams from Doncaster and surrounding suburbs are still plying their trade in the Beautiful Game! With two teams in the competition, The Legends are giving those fine gentlemen in the North and North Eastern suburbs an opportunity to continue to relive former glories and create new ones, albeit with lots of Voltarin and strapping tape! Made up of a wide diversity of footballing skill sets and national backgrounds, The Legends have a great camaraderie that has a strong social aspect and play for the fitness and pure enjoyment of the game. The Legends are always welcoming of new players for either team – United or City. Remind you of anything?

Home ground: Park Avenue Reserve, Doncaster


Coach: Gary Jenkins Ph 0400 089 013

Strip: Red top, white shorts.