We’re all locked down but we’re not out.

Well, actually we’re not allowed out as well as being locked down, but you know what I mean.
As the numbers get better, and things start to loosen up ever so slightly, we hope you’re out there keeping as fit as you Covid can. At some point we’ll be allowed to play our precious game, and you’re going to regret those extra lockdown kilos if you’re not careful. So now you can run around the neighbourhood for 2 hours a day there’s no excuse. (Yeah right, there’s always an excuse). Here’s hoping we see you all sooner rather than later.

What we’re doing about Covid 19 for the safety of players, officials and spectators.

We have a Covid 19 page dedicated to  Football Victoria’s guiding principles at this link, or via the Main Navigation under the ‘HOME’ button. It will be updated as the situation changes or rules are amended, but you should be following the guidelines set by your club as a first priority.

There will no doubt be ongoing and frequent changes over the next moths, and we’ll endeavour to keep everything current so you’ll know what’s expected of you and your team mates. Alternatively, you can go direct to Football Victoria’s return to Football Portal for the latest information regarding Covid-19 and football by clicking here.

Who we are.

The Over 45s Soccer League, located in Melbourne Victoria, is a non-profit soccer league dedicated to the promotion of soccer to those who might be past their prime, but are definitely not past their use by date. You will also find important information such as the Fixtures, results, league table, league policy and competition rules.

Come out and show yourself that you still have what it takes to play. Over 45s Soccer is looking for players 45 years and older to round out our league (if you are just under our league age by a smidge, still contact us). This is a recreational league with a hard twist of competitiveness. Schedules can be coordinated to accommodate. This year we have 15 teams in the competition. We welcome new teams to join the league.

The Over 55 Soccer League is on again in 2019 with more teams and a lot of promise. Any new players, 50-55 years of age or over, can come down and are most welcome to play with one of the teams in this year’s competition.

For any inquires, click on the CONTACT button in the main menu and email or call us.

If you would like to help out and advertise on our site, please email us with your interest.

This web site is view-able on both PC/Mac and portable devices such as tablet or smartphone. The pages will re-size to suit.

For all enquiries call Martin on 0419 575 297